When you’re on the move, what are you looking at?

Solar energy is on the rise, and there are plenty of potential projects in the pipeline.But what’s the best solar energy contract to buy?And what’s that new solar energy investment that’s being taken up?Solar Energy Consortium, or SECo, is looking to expand into other markets with solar energy.But its contract for solar energy is the […] →Read more

How to get solar to clean the world

Solar power is a major source of clean energy, and the sun has been a huge part of that.But in a world of ever-increasing fossil fuels, how can we get it to clean up the atmosphere?The answer is to use solar panels that generate the energy themselves, not rely on the coal or oil we […] →Read more

Which solar energy is right for you?

The world’s leading solar energy company is offering its customers a new solar plan that allows them to tap into the power of the sun.It is offering customers an option called a “Solar Plan 2” that gives them access to a variety of solar power plans, including the cheaper Solar Power Plus (SPP), which includes […] →Read more

When the Trump Administration shuts down solar energy in Portland

President Donald Trump’s Department of Energy announced that it will not permit the construction of solar power plants in Portland.Trump’s decision comes at a time when solar power has been in decline in the United States.Last year, the state’s renewable portfolio standard (RPS) was lowered from 50% to 25%, and that reduced the number of […] →Read more

How to install solar panels in Texas

Solar panels are already installed on more than 2,000 homes in Houston and other areas across the state.Now, the solar industry is gearing up for an even bigger challenge: installing them on more homes in the United States.The industry is hoping to get the first of those panels into the market by the end of […] →Read more