Which solar energy is right for you?

The world’s leading solar energy company is offering its customers a new solar plan that allows them to tap into the power of the sun.

It is offering customers an option called a “Solar Plan 2” that gives them access to a variety of solar power plans, including the cheaper Solar Power Plus (SPP), which includes a fixed amount of energy per month.

The solar energy plan includes solar panels, a solar heating system, and a solar cooling system.

Customers can add additional solar energy for up to a total of 400 kilowatt hours per month, according to a press release from SolarPower.

The Solar Power+ plan includes the solar heating and cooling system and a heating and cooking system, as well as a solar PV system, which costs $5,500 per month for a home, and $8,000 per month to build a solar array.

In addition to the solar plans, SolarPower also offers a variety other plans.

The company’s Solar Power Standard plan is designed for a typical American household that has a typical household size of two, and has a solar panel on the roof.

The plan costs $2,700 per month and includes a solar heater, solar oven, and solar furnace, as the company explains.

The Energy Standard plan, which has a similar price point, comes with solar panels on the front and back of the house, and includes all the basic features listed above.

Both plans include solar heating systems and a “free” solar heating, and include a solar oven and solar cooker.

The SunPower Standard solar plan also includes a “Free Solar Plan 2,” which allows customers to purchase solar heating or cooking systems and cookware, as SolarPower says, “A solar oven is designed to be installed with solar heating materials and heaters in a convenient, modular, self-contained installation.”

The SolarPower Standard plan includes a 10-kilowatt solar heating heater and 10-kw solar cooking system and costs $3,200 per month per person.

The new solar plans are only available through SolarPower, and the company is currently not accepting applications for its SolarPower+ and SolarPower plans.

As of this writing, Solar Power has not yet released pricing for its new solar energy plans, which will be available to customers starting April 18.