How to use solar energy to create a lighter, more efficient version of your smartphone

A new version of the solar power-hungry smartphone could be a great way to save energy on your next trip.

According to a recent article in The Next Home, the company behind the Solar Powered One, the smartphone could generate as much energy as a full-sized, 30-watt solar power plant.

According the company, the Solarpowered One has four parts: a battery, an inverter, an onboard generator and a microprocessor that runs a small battery and a generator that converts solar energy into electricity.

According, a small smartphone with an integrated solar panel can generate as little as 3 watts of power and can be powered from anywhere in the house with the help of a small, lightweight inverter.

The Solarpowered one uses solar energy as an energy source.

It can be charged with solar energy, and it can also be powered by natural gas.

The company’s latest product, called the Solarpower One Solar, is an updated version of its Solar Powered Two.

The Solarpowered Two is the company’s second smartphone.

In 2014, the two-screen SolarpoweredOne was launched.

The new version, which is being tested by the company in a pilot program, will be available for purchase by developers at a later date.

The company also has plans to produce the phone itself.