Which states have the most solar jobs?

A new report from the Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA) says that there are over 1.5 million jobs in solar power in the U.S. and Canada, but only 1.6 million of those jobs are in the state of New York.

SEIA also says that in Canada, there are 1.4 million solar jobs, with an average of 50 solar jobs per 1,000 people.

It’s a pretty staggering number, but if you’re in the United States, you may want to look at the number a bit differently.

According to SEIA, there were 1.1 million solar energy jobs in the entire U.N. world in 2018.

New York was the only state to have more than one million solar job openings.

The U.K., on the other hand, had just three.

The rest of the states are in a position to claim at least one million jobs, but SEIA says that they’re not counting every one of those.

So here’s the breakdown.

In addition to New York, California, Texas, Arizona, Illinois, Maryland, Virginia, and New Jersey are the states with the most jobs in a state.

California has one million or more solar jobs.

The state with the second-highest number of jobs is Arizona, which has 1.2 million.

There are nearly 2 million solar-related jobs in New York City alone.

New Jersey has 1 million solar, and about 3.5 percent of New Jersey’s solar jobs are located in New Jersey.

Arizona has 1,250 solar jobs and about 12 percent of the solar jobs in Arizona are in New Mexico.

The other states with more than 1 million jobs are North Carolina, Texas and New York State.

New Mexico has one solar job, but has nearly 10 percent of its solar jobs located in the Lone Star State.