How to start a solar power business

Posted May 09, 2019 10:18:12 Solar energy companies are looking for a new source of revenue to help them develop their business models, especially in the rapidly growing solar industry, says CEO of one of them.

According to a report by SolarPower Africa (SPAA), a company that manages the country’s solar power plants, SolarPower is now considering setting up solar power stations at the port of Dakar, Senegal.

SolarPower Africa said that in 2019, the country plans to set up about 100 solar power projects at ports across the country, with the capacity to generate as much as 12 gigawatts of electricity.

The company said that a total of around 200 solar power parks are planned in Senegal, but its not yet clear whether these are planned for Dakar.

In order to attract a new business model, Solarpower Africa is now looking for people who are experienced in the solar energy sector, said the CEO of SolarPower.

“We want to attract people who have the right knowledge of the solar industry,” said Gudrun Oosterhout, a SolarPower employee who runs the company’s Dakar operations.

Solar Power Africa also aims to attract young people to the solar power industry, but the company is still unsure if the company will be able to do so.

“Our business model has not changed much from last year.

But we are working hard to make it more efficient,” said Oosterhuis.

Solarpower Africa said it is currently exploring the possibilities of setting up a solar energy plant in Senegal.

It has also recently hired two young people in Dakar who are planning to start an energy company and work on solar energy projects in Senegal and abroad.

“We need more staff, more money, more expertise.

We are hoping to attract more people to our business,” said SolarPower CEO Gudmar Oosterheus.