Trump says he wants to build ‘a solar energy car’

Trump says his administration will push for a $2 billion solar energy tax credit, as part of a broader plan to invest in clean energy in the United States.

The president said in an interview with Reuters on Monday that his administration is now “in a position where we’re going to have solar incentives, solar tax credits, and we’re also going to get the solar industry out of bankruptcy court,” in an effort to create a “solar car.”

“We’re going for a solar car,” Trump said.

“We’re putting solar cars on the road, we’re putting the solar panels on the roofs of our buildings.”

Trump has been critical of federal government spending on solar energy and renewable energy projects, saying it’s time for the country to “build a solar energy industry.”

Solar energy has been a priority for Trump since the early days of his presidential campaign, when he told supporters that he was going to build a “carpool of solar panels” to compete with the fossil fuel industry.

Trump has repeatedly said he wants the U.S. to be the world’s first and only solar power superpower.

In January, Trump signed an executive order to begin building a solar industry in the U