How solar electricity and wind energy can be combined in a more efficient way

Energy efficiency is at the heart of a range of technologies that are helping us get energy from the sun, wind and water, with many of them being deployed in cars, planes, trains and homes.

But, what exactly is it and how does it work?

What is the best way to store, transport and distribute energy?

This episode of Energy Matters explores these questions, and the impact they could have on our lives.

In this episode: What is the energy efficiency of our homes?

The best way for us to store and move energy is by using batteries or wind turbines.

What do energy efficiency and battery storage mean in the real world?

Why is energy storage important?

Is there a link between energy efficiency, battery storage and wind power?

What are the advantages of wind energy?

How does energy storage affect energy use?

Should we think about building energy storage?

Can electric cars store enough energy to be a viable alternative to traditional cars?