Empire Energy solar tiles are now available for sale IGN

Solar Energy tiles can now be purchased with Imperial Coins!

In order to obtain these tiles, players must complete a solar energy collective and pay a fee.

Solar Energy Tiles are a collection of solar energy icons that can be placed on the solar energy tile grid in your empire’s solar energy icon hub.

Each icon is limited to 100.

Once placed, these solar energy symbols can be activated and placed on tiles in your solar energy grid.

The first solar energy token placed on a solar icon tile is free and cannot be taken away.

Players can then place additional solar energy tokens on the tile they wish to use, which can then be used to activate the solar icon and gain the associated solar energy.

The energy stored in the solar icons can be used in the energy harvesting system, which generates power to power up your solar panels.

Empire Energy Solar Tiles have a 30 day waiting period before they can be removed.

After that, they can no longer be used and must be purchased again.

Empire Energy Tile Icon Grid: 1,000,000 Solar Energy: 1 Solar Energy icon tiles can be purchased for 50,000 Imperial Coins.

All Empire Energy Solar Tile icons have a 50 day waiting time between purchases.

Once a solar token is purchased, players will need to wait 30 days to remove the icon from the solar grid.

Empire energy tile icons are removed from the grid every day.

Each solar energy panel requires 10 solar energy to be activated.

The number of solar panels activated will vary based on the number of energy icons placed on that tile.

The solar energy generated by a solar panel is used to power your solar array.

In addition to the icon tokens, the icon grid also contains icons for the power grid and energy harvesting.

These icons can only be used once per day and will expire after 30 days.

For a more detailed look at the Empire Energy tiles and their effects, check out the following video from the developers.