How to make solar energy more cost effective

Google News article Google (India), September 19, 2018 A startup in Bangalore, India has successfully converted a 100W solar panel into a 100-megawatt (MW) power plant using solid kinetic energy.

The company, called Solid Solar Energy, claims to be the first solar energy company to convert a solar panel from the ground into a power plant, using solid state electricity generated by spinning the solar panels on a spinning platform.

The startup has been developing a product called SolidSolar, which it claims will be a commercially viable solar energy product.

The company’s chief scientist, Prasanna Narayanan, says that Solid Solar can produce electricity from solid-state electricity and then convert it into a form of electricity that can be used in homes, hospitals, factories and homes as well as to produce solar energy.

He claims that the company’s technology will have a cost advantage over conventional energy, especially in the field of energy storage.

The firm’s founder, Nataran says that his company is targeting customers of different industries including the medical sector, mining, agriculture and retail.

The main selling point of SolidSolar is its efficiency.

This is because of its rotating design.

He claims that his firm will also be able to increase the efficiency of the solar panel by using solid materials.

He said that SolidSolar’s technology, which is still in the development stage, will help in the transition of the power industry to sustainable, renewable energy sources.

He also said that the technology is not only sustainable, but also will be cost-effective.

The firm has already been working with various power producers for the past two years.