Jerusalem solar power potential hits 1,000 MW

Israel plans to set up a solar energy industry worth hundreds of millions of dollars, the first such endeavor in the country’s history.

The government will start laying the foundations in 2021, and by 2025, the total number of solar panels will be over one million.

The project will be built in partnership with a consortium of Israeli and international companies.

It will be a major milestone for the nascent Israeli solar industry, and its first major commercial venture, according to Naftali Bennett, the deputy prime minister and chairman of the governing coalition.

“The government has made this the main goal of its first-year plan,” Bennett told reporters.

“It will create jobs and create new jobs.”

The solar power industry is expected to contribute up to 50,000 jobs and support about 10,000 Israelis, according the Jerusalem Electricity Authority.

The Israel Solar Industry, which aims to produce electricity from solar energy by 2020, has been working on a project that will be used to power large areas in the capital.

The city’s new residential and commercial buildings will also be connected to the grid.

The solar industry’s biggest competitor is a consortium led by the German solar energy giant, Energo Solar.

But the partnership has been dogged by controversy and the two companies have been in dispute with each other.