New deal for S.U.C.E. solar power consortium

Solar energy consortium S.u.c.

E will be acquired by C.A.V. Energy Group, which is the owner of the world’s largest solar power company.

S.u, a unit of C.a.V., has been the biggest solar energy company in South Africa.

It’s owned by an Irish company called Solar Power South Africa Limited.

Solar Power SA had been owned by South Africa’s National Energy Corporation.

The company was a subsidiary of Cauvery Power Corporation, an Irish corporation.

Solar Power SA is the country’s largest energy company.

It has more than 15,000 employees.

The group also runs a solar power park in South East Africa.

The purchase comes as Solar Power’s chief executive officer, Brian Roode, has been charged with money laundering, according to a statement from S.c., a company spokesperson.

The transaction is the latest in a series of deals involving Caups power company, and the deal could be the largest in Africa.

Solar power is the cheapest form of power in South African households, which has attracted investment from investors including Chinese internet giant Alibaba.

Solar power is also a cost-effective way to provide energy for the countrys poorest citizens.

The company has said it will retain its majority stake in

A, which will continue to operate as a private company with a staff of about 1,000 people.

Solar Energy South Africa was created by the merger of Solar Power and Caupans Solar Power in 2017.