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  • When is the next solar energy refrigerator going to be released?

    Solar energy storage (solar) systems are being developed in different locations around the world.The goal is to keep the sun’s heat from leaving the earth’s atmosphere, and the solar energy storage technology will help to achieve this goal.Solar energy is not cheap, and some companies are struggling to build large and expensive systems.There are many […]

  • How to buy solar panels with money you don’t have

    A couple of years ago, India’s solar energy collective Solar Energy Collective launched a campaign for the solar energy company Kit energia to start manufacturing solar panels.The idea behind the campaign was to give back to the community that provides solar panels for the community.Since then, Solar Energy collective has started manufacturing solar modules for […]

  • What Solar Will Cost Now?

    “The first thing you do is you make sure you’re not paying too much attention to the price of solar, because you don’t want to be in the position where you’re paying more than you can afford.But if you’re doing that, then you’re also going to have to pay the cost of the equipment that […]

  • When solar is cheaper than conventional energy, what happens?

    Solar is cheaper today than it was five years ago, but it still requires more energy than it’s ever had to produce.What’s the takeaway?And what can we do about it?Read moreRead moreA study published by the Federal Reserve Bank of New York found that as the solar industry grows, the prices of new solar panels […]

  • Why the solar energy market is a ‘perfect storm’ for the solar industry

    A lot of people want solar power and people are happy to buy it, but there are also plenty of people who want to sell it and don’t understand how it works.When we spoke to the founders of Solar Energy Systems (SES) earlier this year, we asked them about the industry’s future.Solar energy is changing […]

  • When the sun goes down, the ocean’s not far behind

    I’ve been watching the oceans for the last few days.They’ve been swimming like it’s 2004, and I’ve wondered what would happen if the sun went down.What if the oceans started dying and the sun disappeared altogether?I’ve never seen an ocean that was this empty before, and it doesn’t look like it is going to get […]

  • What you need to know about the most advanced solar energy system available

    Source TechRadars article Solar energy is about more than just putting sunlight on the roof.It’s a way to make energy from waste, heat, and water.Now, a new system from a small startup in San Diego that makes a system from pure solar energy is making the solar energy you need from waste a reality.The solar-powered […]

  • Solar energy lighter

    Solar energy is light enough to make it available in many different situations.It is also cheap enough to be available in most countries without much cost.But if you are looking for cheap energy, you have to look elsewhere.That’s because most of the world’s solar energy is produced by wind farms, and it’s very expensive to […]

  • How to predict solar energy cost growth and price shocks

    Solar power projects in the US are set to face new competition and higher prices due to rising costs of batteries, new technologies and the threat of climate change, according to an article published by the solar industry’s largest trade group, the Solar Energy Industries Association.The group, which represents the solar and battery sectors of […]

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