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  • How to make solar energy more cost effective

    Google News article Google (India), September 19, 2018 A startup in Bangalore, India has successfully converted a 100W solar panel into a 100-megawatt (MW) power plant using solid kinetic energy.The company, called Solid Solar Energy, claims to be the first solar energy company to convert a solar panel from the ground into a power plant, […]

  • When you are solar and want to be a solar power artist

    The energy of the sun can help to change the way you think about your future energy source.That is why solar energy clip art is so popular, says Professor Simon Hensley.The clipart piece, made by a student in a solar energy workshop at the University of Chicago, depicts the energy that can be produced by […]

  • Why it’s not just the Sun’s job to clean up, but the Earth’s too

    What’s in a name?Solar energy is getting a much-needed boost in the fight against climate change.But that won’t necessarily translate into jobs in Australia.The country’s most senior figures are warning that solar energy is not the answer to our energy crisis.A report from the Australian Energy Market Operator (AEMO) has highlighted that Australia’s solar market […]

  • How to save your solar power system

    Enlarge/ This diagram shows how to install solar panels on your home. source Ars Energy article Solar energy is a renewable energy source that uses solar energy to generate electricity and is the most abundant source of energy in the world.While there are a number of solar energy programs available to assist with your home energy […]

  • Which solar projects are ready to go?

    The Australian solar industry is booming and it has attracted new investors and customers from all over the world.But it’s not without its challenges, according to solar entrepreneur Andrew Denniss.ABC News:Andrew Dennis: Australia’s solar boom is on the ropes, but the outlook is bright for the industry.AAP: We need to look beyond just our borders, […]

  • When solar energy is a way to power your home

    Solar energy is becoming a way for Indian households to get electricity when their electricity is low, but the technology is being hampered by a lack of incentives and regulatory oversight.Solar energy brokers are popping up all over India offering solar panels to people who want to buy solar energy for their homes.Solar energy brokers […]

  • Empire Energy solar tiles are now available for sale IGN

    Solar Energy tiles can now be purchased with Imperial Coins!In order to obtain these tiles, players must complete a solar energy collective and pay a fee.Solar Energy Tiles are a collection of solar energy icons that can be placed on the solar energy tile grid in your empire’s solar energy icon hub.Each icon is limited […]

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