Category: Solar

  • How to Get Hawaii’s Solar Energy to Your Home

    Hawaii’s solar energy industry is booming, but its growing pains are forcing some to adjust.The state has some of the most stringent laws in the country on how energy can be produced and sold, but a lot of the energy comes from a combination of solar panels and wind turbines.The U.S. Bureau of Land Management […]

  • Which solar energy projects have the most solar energy?

    By James DominguezPublished Nov. 17, 2018 07:10:24In the Houston area, where solar energy is booming, there’s a new solar energy facility opening this week.Solar Energy Watch is taking a look at the facilities that are making it to the market.Here’s what we found at the Houston Solar Energy Center, which is located on the west […]

  • Argentina’s Solar Industry Reaches Record Highs: Energy Companies

    Buenos Aires, Argentina (RTE) – Argentina’s solar energy companies have reported record-high revenues for the first time, with total sales reaching more than $2 billion.Solar power companies reported a net profit of $2.9 billion, which was up 19.5 per cent year on year, as compared to a net loss of $1.6 billion a year ago.The […]

  • How to start a solar energy company in a hurry

    Solar energy is the new dirty energy that will soon become a reality for many Americans.It’s just the beginning.Solar energy could be the energy of the future for the average American, but that’s a big “if.”We’re already seeing the rise of a new generation of companies with the potential to transform the way Americans work, […]

  • A Solar Energy Efficiency Study Finds There’s No Difference Between the ‘Perfect’ Solar Roof and ‘Not Perfect’ solar panels

    The article by David B. Brown, MD, Associate Professor of Biomedical Engineering, Harvard Medical School, Harvard University, and the Harvard School of Public Health, has been widely shared on the Web and blogs since April 4.The article is an article by the Department of Biotechnology and Biomedical Sciences, Department of Health and Human Services, National […]

  • What’s going on in the solar energy market?

    hyperion is one of the world’s leading solar energy suppliers.It has been one of Australia’s biggest and most successful companies, with over 20,000 employees in 14 countries.We had a very, very good year for hyperion, with record-breaking revenue and record-high net profit.It was one of our top five companies, and we had an excellent first […]

  • Why is solar energy so important for the UK?

    Solar power is one of the key technologies of the future, and one that is set to make the world a cleaner, greener place.But there are big challenges that will need to be overcome if we want to truly harness the power of the sun.RTE’s solar energy survey asks: What do you think is the […]

  • How solar electricity and wind energy can be combined in a more efficient way

    Energy efficiency is at the heart of a range of technologies that are helping us get energy from the sun, wind and water, with many of them being deployed in cars, planes, trains and homes.But, what exactly is it and how does it work?What is the best way to store, transport and distribute energy?This episode […]

  • How to create a solar energy power plant in your house

    Source: The Irish Sun/Shutterstock/Getty Images The world has a massive solar energy shortage, and the world needs to do something about it.In a recent interview with The Irish Star, former energy minister Michael McGrath said that the UK is now “the only developed country in the world that has a grid that can supply all […]

  • How to watch solar energy: What to watch

    The sun has become a major source of renewable energy, with the sun generating nearly 80 percent of the world’s electricity.Now solar is becoming a bigger player.According to the International Energy Agency, solar PV has become the dominant source of solar energy, accounting for nearly 40 percent of worldwide renewable energy capacity.The solar industry is […]

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